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During the Christmas trip to visit my family, we found time for a side trip the The American Girl Store. We had been planning this for months, and the girls weren't disappointed! We all had so much fun! The girls had been saving their money for months, and each one had a nice amount accumulated. We first visited the doll salon where they all had some of their dolls' ears pierced and where Joy and Grace got a doll's hair styled. The stylists were so nice and did a great job, even on the doll that has lost a great deal of hair!
The girls each bought a pet for their dolls. Faith, Hope, and Joy bought the calico cat because, of course, our cat is a calico. Grace bought Kit's basset hound just because she liked it. Faith and Grace also bought outfits. Faith had been needing a new dance bag, and I bought her a really cute one on sale for $10! She likes it a lot, and all of her stuff fits!

After our shopping, we had a snack at the Bistro. We had some ice cream, a milkshake, and cookies and milk. The milk came in the cutest container! It was a little jar with a small cup on top. Joy and Grace had so much fun pouring the milk into the cup and drinking it! Of course, their dolls joined us for our snack.

Elizabeth, in her new hairstyle, and Kit

Josefina, Hope's Kit, and Faith's Kit

Samantha, with her lovely hairstyle

Finally we sent Hope's beloved Josefina to the doll hospital. Much of her hair had fallen out, and Hope had asked for her head to be replaced as her main Christmas gift. We won't get her back for a few weeks, but when she returns, she'll be as good as new!

We had a fabulous time at the American Girl Store, and the girls want to return there some time. I'm sure we'll be back!

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Over the River and Through the Woods

Christmas came early in our house this year. My sister and her family were in from overseas during the week of Christmas, so we opened our gifts before we left to go see them. (Since the girls and I are rather fond of presents, this was really quite fun!) The girls each got an American Girl doll outfit. Faith got a bike and a CD. Hope got a certificate so her American Girl Josefina doll can get a new head and a purse. Joy and Grace got scooters, princess "piggy" banks, and wallets. They all got some Legos the share. I gave Paul a cool shirt and a photo book I had had printed. I got lots of Godiva chocolate covered pretzels (which are fabulous!), the A & E DVD set of Pride and Prejudice, and a really nice and beautiful ring! (I was expecting some costume jewelry and got a cool ring from a jeweler!)

(In the picture the stone looks blue, but it's really a white topaz.)

The next day we packed up to go to my mom's house. Food was a major theme of our visit. Whenever we go home there are certain restaurants my sister and I want to eat at. So we went out to eat 3 times in less than 5 days. And we were not disappointed. (Except when we stepped on the scale!) And my sister made a terrific chocolate chip pecan pie which I think I'll have to try very soon.

The cousins all had a great time playing! Her daughter and my girls hit it right off even though they hadn't seen each other in a year. And her son is a little over a year old and such a sweet, happy, and busy baby. The weather was nice for playing outside most days, and the girls had a lot of fun in the yard I grew up playing in.

Of course, there were LOTS of presents to be opened! The girls really enjoyed their gifts, and the baby enjoyed the paper! The dads made sure we opened the big tub of Lincoln Logs when the baby was asleep! And, of course, we gave the can of possum to my sister and her husband. We added a package of Larvets (The Original Worm Snax)to make it even more fun!

(I'm sure we'll get something even weirder next year! Living in another culture has its advantages!)

Our trip was completed by a trip to the American Girl Store, which was so cool it will be getting its own post.

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Hope had her first piano recital the week before Christmas. She was so excited! She had practiced her songs and said she wasn't nervous at all. She had chosen to play 3 Christmas songs as duets with her teacher. It sounds easier than playing alone, but I think it was really more difficult because she had to stay on tempo.

The recital was held in the music room at church. Hope and the 6 other students played for their families. Then their teacher played, and we had a small reception.

Hope did a fabulous job. We could really tell that she has natural musical ability! (And she practiced.) She also had had a solo in the children's Christmas musical, and did a great job with her singing. I'm so glad that Hope has found her "thing" in music. She has already told me that she wants to teach piano when she grows up, and that she thinks God wants her to play piano at church when she is grown. I love seeing how she is wanting to use her talents to serve Him!

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