Things I Want to Remember about Camp

*The LONG charter bus ride. We rode all night, and I think everyone slept.
*A great group of middle school girls in my room.
*A beautiful condo to stay in.
*My own king-sized bed.
*Being thankful to be on the sixth floor so we could take the stairs when the elevators were slow.
*Climbing 13 flights of stairs while escorting a friend's daughter to her room.
*7000 worshippers!
*Worshipping next to my daughter! Amazing!
*The Atlantic Ocean. The ocean is both relaxing and exciting and always reminds me of the vastness of my God.
*Coldstone ice cream.
*Chris Tomlin signing our new Compassion Child packet.
*Paul and I getting to meet with Louie back stage.
*Missing my girls at home with my mom.
*Walking on the beach at midnight with my daughter and some other middle school girls.
*Adopting 2 new Compassion children.
*The sun rising over the ocean.
*David*Crowder in concert!

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