That Sabbath

On earth that Sabbath was filled with grief, confusion, and loss for Jesus' followers. Those who loved Jesus mourned His death. And mourned the timing. Because He died so late on Friday, they had to wait until the Sabbath was over to give Him a proper burial.

For others on earth that Sabbath was filled with fear. What if His disciples stole the body? After all Jesus did say He would rise from the dead on the third day. (Funny how the Pharisees remembered what the disciples did not!) WHAT IF HE REALLY WAS THE SON OF GOD?? Did they think the guard would keep Him in the tomb? Or would they kill Him again? It's ironic that those who objected to Jesus healing on the Sabbath plotted with Pilate on the Sabbath. Did they not consider posting that guard work? Or did their desire to remain in power supersede their legalistic rules?

In hell that Sabbath must have been filled with rejoicing (or whatever its evil counterpart is). Satan thought he had won. Jesus was dead.

In Heaven, that Sabbath must have been filled with anticipation. Sunday was coming! Jesus would rise! Satan would be defeated! Death would die! Hope would shine forth! Yes, Sunday was coming!

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